2008 HFES Presidential Address
Quo Vadis Ergonomia - Redux
John F. ("Jeff") Kelley, Ph.D., CUXP

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(This talk was inspired by the hfestorycorps.org project.)

Blog on this video: jfkprez.blogspot.com (share your comments!)

Note about the video: Despite the rehearsal, the video director didn't "get" that the talk would be of an unusual format and that the technical slides were just a prop; hence a good deal of camera time in the first few minutes were devoted to the slides and not to the speaker, who was pantomiming a "Bob Newhart" style phone call interruption. We have tried to make up for that in post-production with some stills and hope that what was actually going on onstage will be evident from the audio.

Transcript: JFKPresidentialSpeech.pdf

NB: In addition to being the 2008 President of HFES, J.F. Kelley was a co-recipient, along with the rest of his IBM team, of the prestigious HFES 1996 Alexander C. Williams, Jr. Award for "outstanding contribution of Human Factors to the design of a major operational system." This was for the Expo '92/World's Fair project in Seville, Spain (videos available at that link).


Bonus: Download this farewell video for Lynn Strother who retired as Executive Director of HFES in 2017: LynnStrotherRetirementMsg2017.mp4 (72 MB)